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Hello Nubians,

Have Your Own Virtual Hair Colorist With ION!

Some of you may know that I love ION hair products. From hair brushes, curlers, shampoos, and especially their semi-permanent colors. I am constantly changing my hair color and doing fun things with it. After trying a variety of semi-permanent color brands, ION stole my heart and I like their quality the best. Now ION has something else that I found amazingly helpful on their website and I wanted to share it with you. It's their Color Coder Quiz which serves as a Virtual Stylist & Colorist!

Have you ever considered changing your hair color and you think to yourself "Where the hell do I start?" "What am I doing?" "I really hope I don't mess this up" "What products do I need?" It's easy to have a panic attack and feel very confused. This is why I really appreciate this color coder quiz ION has provided for us because it takes away a lot of that anxiety and has great recommendations. It's recommendations are so detailed that it even asks you if you look better with gold or silver jewelry on, crazy right? It just makes me feel like the brand is doing their best to make sure you look AH-MAZ-ING. I took the quiz so you can all see what I'm talking about and I can walk you through it. 

Step 1: The first thing the color coder will ask you is what is your goal? Do you want to go light, darker, or just enhance your color. For this I chose GO LIGHTER. 

Step 2: Next it'll ask you if you have to deal with grays. Which I selected NO GRAY. I like that for every selection you make, your virtual colorist gives you tips below. It's always good to learn new things about your hair and color maintenance so you don't make mistakes that might cost you dearly or possibly ruin your hair. 

Step 3: Now the ION virtual colorist has to know what matches your natural hair color best so they can know how to obtain your new color goal and what products you'll need. Here I selected BLACK. 

Step 4: You have to decide what hair color direction you're going in. I selected BLONDE. Therefore all products and tips they recommend should help me obtain this goal in the healthiest most efficient way possible for my hair. It might take a few steps because we all know black to blonde is difficult but it well be well worth it to maintain beautiful healthy hair. 

Step 5: Now we pick a tone. Do you want warm, neutral, or cool. The virtual colorist ask you your jewelry preference here in between gold or silver to help you make a decision. I think this helps so much because you want something that looks good with your complexion. I selected WARM. 

Now BAM! Here are some recommendations from your virtual colorist. You can select how many levels light you would like to go and they give you an idea of what the results will look like in the photos.

I would probably go 4-5 levels brighter because I love the bold look and the colors are beautifully vibrant. Though my hair would require touch ups every 4 weeks, I know its going to look healthy and not dried or cracked and I won't have a million split ends.  

After the quiz there is also a few product recommendations available to you. 

What do you guys think? Head on over and take the quiz now over HERE

I am very pleased with the results and after many years of mistreating my hair, I can appreciate any person or brand who tries to take care of it. 


Xo Nubia Xo

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*This has been a sponsored post on behalf of ION at Home. Opinions expressed here are my own.

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