Monday Muse: Style Geek Off With Sibui Nazarenko For Marie Claire.

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Hello Nubians,

I always look to editorials for inspiration on a weekly basis, especially when the season is changing. Currently I'm looking for a lot of Fall fashion inspiration. I like to see how stylist put outfits together and how photographers capture the moment. 

This particular editorial is called "Geek Off" Sibui Nazarenko by Michael Sanders for Uk Marie Claire October 2015. I'm not sure why it's called "Geek Off" to be honest. Patterns piled-up and glasses don't mean "geek" to me haha perhaps I have a different definition. Nevertheless I like the editorial and the styling. 

This Fall season I think I'm sticking to burgundy and wine toned colors mainly for makeup. I'm not going to be over obsessed with dark colors in my wardrobe... maybe a tad bit but I still plan to keep my Fall and Winter fairly bright and bold. 

I plan to mix a lot of patterns and prints just as seen in this editorial. I want to have a lot of fun with it. 

Model: Sibui Nazarenko
Photographer: Michael Sanders 
Stylist: Tiffany Fraser Steele
Hair: Leon Gorman 
Make-up: Cynthia Sobek

I also like the wet hair look in this editorial as well along with the simple makeup.

The look above if gorgeous. If you see these clothing pieces separately, you would probably never think they would look this amazing together. Through my years of styling experience, I learned that you always have to try stuff on to know if it works. You won't be able to tell if it's on a hanger. 

Hope you enjoyed this editorial. Do you have a signature Fall fashion look you're going for? 


Xo Nubia Xo

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