Lady Crook x Slick Wet Hair.

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There's a rebel lying deep in my soul. 
-Clint Eastwood

Hello Nubians, 

Something about sleek hair and dope mismatched prints, got me feeling like a bad ass. A lot of people think it's strange to wear mismatched prints but I love it. Feeling unbalanced almost makes me feel balanced if that makes any sense to anyone...?

I've always gravitated towards men's clothing. In this look below, I'm wearing a Crooks & Castles top and a Mishka NYC shorts. Those 2 brands mainly sell menswear, though this particular Crooks top is from their lady collection. 

Neutral smokey eye look from Urban Decay makeup palette.

These Mishka NYC shorts are from their menswear collection. I ended up with them because my brother accidentally ordered them too small for himself... can't say I feel bad for him though since I LOVE them #sorrybruh. They are beautifully detailed  and have some sort of constellation print on them. Also, considering they're menswear... I really like the cut. They're tight and show off my curves without being "skin tight".  I guess a few reasons I gravitate towards menswear are... comfort and edgier, stronger cuts in the clothing. Sometimes better prints too. There's something very rugged and rebellious I find in a lot of menswear pieces that is not as easily found in women's wear. Also a sense of liberation too. 

As an adult woman, I think being able to wear mens clothing and still feel great and sexy about yourself says a lot about you. I think that means most of your sexiness comes from your confidence, and that's something really beautiful. This means you don't feel the need to expose your body all the time to uphold some strange standard you were born into for holding the V-card if ya know what I mean? In the society we live in today, I think it's admirable to dress as you want and not give a flying f@ck what anyone else thinks. Besides, I always thought the mystery behind not seeing it all is where the fun lies... like unwrapping a gift.

Cheers my darlings!

Xo Nubia Xo
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