Boyfriend Jeans And Sparkly Shoes.

by - 2:59 PM

Because Sometimes Life Is A Little Fuzzy...

Hello My Beautiful Nubian Queens, 

I wanted to share this quick look with you. I was on my way out to lunch.

I love loose fitting denim. I actually wish these were even baggier but I still love them! They're from one of my favorite little boutiques in Las Vegas, Patty's Closet. These off the shoulder tops always make me feel like I should be on an island or something ha ( I should be). 

Wearing: Patty's Closet boyfriend jeans, Betsey Johnson polly's shoes, Misc top. 

It's funny because I got these photos taken so quickly that I must have not focused my camera enough, they look a bit fuzzy. I decided to use them anyway because I said to myself "Life isn't always perfect" but you have to make the most of it... am i right?

*Sparkle My City Baby*

What's going on everyone? 

Cheers my darlings!

Xo Nubia Xo
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