Mani Monday: Teal's The Deal.

by - 3:04 PM

Hey Nubians,

Nothing like giving yourself a nice little Manicure to brighten up your mood. Though I find it tedious to do my nails, I also find it imperative that my nails look lovely at all times. I didn't always care... but the older I get, the more the little details matter.

Nails wants are so much fun! Even if it's just to add a small amount of glitter over a color, it gives it a little something extra. I like using LA COLORS wands because if you get lucky, you can find them for a dollar. Let's talk about this Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear '325 Big Teal', isn't it pretty? I love a nice bold nail color, it has great coverage even on the first coat... two coats makes it perfect. To top the whole manicure off, I like using Sally Hansen's Gel Shine 3D Top Coat. Then BOOM! Cute little mani complete. I also think Teal's a favorable color to use this time of year. The Xtreme Wear collection has great colors in it, you should check it out at your local drug store... your nails will thank you later ;-) 

Xo Nubia Xo
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