How To: Ion Lavender Hair Dye.

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Hello My Dear Nubians,

I am what some of you may define as a hair freak. I am never satisfied with my hair. Because I am never satisfied, I am constantly changing the color which also means constantly bleaching (catches breath). My hair has dried out a lot so I decided to give it a bleach break. Giving my hair a bleach break also meant letting my roots grow out... ALOT.

I let me roots grow out so much in fact, that people thought I had some sort of ombre or dyed my hair this way on purpose ha ha, pretty funny right? I decided the best route to go because of my bipolarness and hair boredom was semi-permanent colors. I've tried Manic Panic a few times, and though I like Manic Panic, some of the colors bleed out a lot. Thus I turned to Ion Semi Permanent dye.

Watch my video below for a quick tutorial on how I applied the color. It's SooOoooOoo easy. A lot of people get intimidated when applying color but remember this is semi permanent! How bad can you mess up? Besides, Ion also sells a solution to get the dye out of your hair which you can purchase online or at Sally Beauty store.

Some Tips To Maintain Semi-Permanent Dye

*Avoid too much conditioner
*Avoid pool water (chlorine)
*Wash hair with cold water

Another cool trick you can do is that if you MUST apply conditioner, keep an extra bottle of the Ion dye handy. This way when you apply the conditioner, mix it with the ion hair dye! You'll be retouching your color and moisturizing your hair at the same time... BOOM!

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