Celebrate National Lipstick Day With Avon!

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Hello Nubians,

Photos via Avon

It's #NationalLipstickDay! Hurray! Ha. Honestly, Let's face it... What is National Lipstick Day really? I just think it's a fun day to look through my favorite lipsticks and take photos for my social media channels. 

Avon has some pretty nice lipsticks I've collected over the years. They're also trying to add a little fun to National Lipstick Day. 

In honor of National Lipstick Day, Avon is sharing a Lipstick personality quiz – a series of seven questions designed to help you identify the perfect lip shade for you. And, just in time to celebrate, Avon’s newest launch – Beyond Color Plumping Lip Color SPF 15 – available in ten full color shades, for any and every lip personality.

Pretty awesome right? I took the quiz and my results were "The Life of The Party" and my lip shade is Poppy Pink, which to be quite honest is pretty spot on. The quiz has a lot of fun, cute question so I suggest you all stop by and take it HERE. 

Pucker up! Cheers my darlings!

Xo Nubia Xo
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