Cirque du Soleil 'Zumanity' Will Leave You Feeling Sexy And Confident.

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Hot, Steamy, Kinky, Entertaining...

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Cirque du Soleil (Circus of the Sun) show I hadn't seen before ' Zumanity' which launched in September 2003. I've been a Cirque du Soleil fan for years and attended many of their shows in New York. Zumanity was recently renewed February 2015 after adding new acts, new costumes, new music, and new choreography. I never had the pleasure of attending a show here in Las Vegas where I'm now located so you can imagine my excitement!

Zumanity is a topless burlesque/cabaret style show at New York-New York Casino and Hotel in Las Vegas. It's unlike any other Cirque du Soleil show I've ever seen. This is an 'adult themed' show for mature audiences only.  The cast in Zumanity does a great job of making you explore your inner beauty, sexuality, and has a way of making you visit a place in your mind you may not explore much... a place where your darker, naughtier thoughts may exist. It was an absolutely marvelous experience! The hostess A.K.A Mistress of Sensuality Edie Drag does a fabulous job at guiding you through the night. Elegant, Funny and Sassy! She's a total riot. There's a lot of dark humor and shocking one liners that come out of her mouth too! Better watch out.

The choreography by Debra Brown, and Marguerite Derricks is riveting! Derricks is a three-time Emmy award-winner and a highly sought after choreographer. Dominic Champagne and René Richard Cyr also do a out of this world job at writing and directing.

So let me think back to a few of my favorite scenes from the show...

** We have 'Waterbowl' were you see artist Ulziibayar Chimed, Bolormaa Zorigtkhuyag, and Stefanie Laurino make you feel as if they're beautiful, pure, untouched mermaids until they decide to completely kick their innocence to the curb. They glide through the water, and come up only for air and to explore their sexual limits while caressing each other. Their sensual poses will surely leave your curiosity aroused (and maybe something else).

** Performer Jill Crook gives 50 Shades Of Grey a run for their money in 'Straps'. She starts off alone on stage in silence bounded in straps while giving herself sexual pleasure. After teasing and torturing herself with leather and building up adrenaline in her body from one aerial figure to the next... then va-va- voom! A grand climactic finale. You will definitely want to visit the sex shop after this one. That's a promise.

** 'Midnight Bath' looked like it got the whole crowd hot and bothered in a good way. Two girls with a man in a bathtub.. It's the ultimate fantasy for many individuals. To add the cherry on top of everything they're pouring pink champagne all over each other while caressing their bodies pretty heavily. Needless to say they're in tip top physical shape too. Artist Anouk Margueritte, Monteece Taylor, and Mario Peoples do a superb job at sucking you into their naughty little world.

Honestly I can go on forever  talking about the acts because they're all so very brilliant and mesmerizing. There's 2 Men (Arnaud Boursain and Philip Sahagun, who rotate the role with Pepe Munoz Martinez) in a cage battling their feelings for one another with intense anger and repulsion, but as always love conquers all and by the end all you see is a big, awesome, passionate kiss.

One of my favorite acts Chains is where artist Brandon Pereyda soars through the air in metal chains and defies gravity while amazing you! He is crazy daring and some might say he stole the show. He hangs from very high up in the air by one foot without breaking a sweat! Unbelievable. Seriously, I felt like he was going to fall on me, I was sort of terrified. I couldn't believe it. He's ridiculously talented. The work and dedication these performers put in knows no limits.

You'll get to meet Dick and Izzy who offer some comedic relief in between scenes. They're total characters. (They allow you the time you need to compose yourself after watching some very hot and heavy scenes).

There's poles, straps, leather, touching, moaning, embracing, flying, spinning, acrobats, heat, temptation, passion and more.  You can not go wrong attending this show. There's also a nice amount of participation from the audience. You might get asked questions like what's your favorite sexual position or sex toy? It's definitely a bit raunchy. They get a few people to go on stage too and you'll be surprised at the things they will convince you to do ha ha! Everyone I saw was a good sport about it and isn't Vegas all about creating memories? Remember 'What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas' even if that means being a part of an on stage orgy (cough, cough).

Another important fact for someone like myself who finds beauty in all sorts of people no matter gender, race, shape or size is that Zumanity is big on diversity. I can't remember the last time I saw so many amazing, talented, sexy, and confident people in one place. It's truly inspiring.

Also very important to me... Let's talk fashion! 

I was so pleasantly surprised and charmed when I learned that the costume designer for Zumanity is none other than French fashion designer and artist Thierry Mugler! Oh how I've enjoyed watching his runway shows and presentations throughout the years. As expected he did a wonderful job with Zumanity. The costumes are bold, vibrant, detailed, revealing and fit the mood of the show. His haute couture style is very visible throughout the show. You'll see spikes and different shapes and patterns everywhere. Tons of texture, glitz and shine, and his famous futuristic style used in many of his designs. It's like Fashion x Sci-Fi and a magical way. He flatters women's body in a gorgeous way and does a great job with the men too. The costumes will have your eyes looking like something straight out of a Tex Avery cartoon, popping out of their sockets!

There is something for everyone at Zumanity... if you're into S&M, straight, gay, bi-sexual, a swinger... there is something for EVERYONE. You'll leave the show feeling sexually empowered and probably ready to put some of the stuff you saw at the show to practice (If ya know what I mean).

There are 16 acts in this show and it just keeps getting better and better. I think it's perfect to go with a group of friends or with a significant other and enjoy some drinks. Tickets are available on the Cirque du Soleil website and range from $69 dollars for cabaret stools to $125 for duo sofas.

Xo Nubia Xo

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