Beauty And Sweet Treats From Japan!

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Hey Nubians,

My sister-in-law Kaori was in Japan for a few months and she bought me back all these cute gifts. From beauty products, to a sushi pen (what!), to an intensive eye care mask, gummi candy and more. Little gifts often get me super happy and excited inside. I always love little trinkets and trying out new things. Japan has a way of taking regular items and making them very Kawaii! Super cute.

In the photo you'll see pastel colored rice, which is ideal for creating cute characters for food art! A Pom Pom Purin mirror and point pads made with Macademia Nut Oil that you can use for your forehead, cheeks, under the eyes, etc. 3 different types of gummi candy. A sushi pen, Japanese mountain coasters. Matcha Green Tea chewy candy (which is delicious). Also TonyMoly intense care eye pads. 

The sushi pen is so rad. I believe that's salmon on it. 

I'm really excited to try out the TonyMoly Intense Care Eye Mask. I've seen TonyMoly products at Urban Outfitters but I've never tried any of them. I'll make sure to review soon. 

I'm not much for food art... I don't think I have the skills haha but I will surely try to make something cute with this rice. 

Just thought I'd share some of these with you! So excited to open this stuff up! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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