Nikelab x Sacai High Fashion Activewear Collection.

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Nike I Love You.

Nikelab and Japanese label 'Sacai' launched a capsule collection of sportswear. Let me tell you something, it is SICK.  Designer Chitose Abe from Sacai was inspired by Nike's older collections and reinvented a lot of it by adding crazy details to revamp the clothing. They also added bright, bold colors such as blue, hot pink, green, a cool yellow and more. 
The pieces are a bit pricey compared to other Nike gear. Most things range from $150-300. Though I'm not 100 percent positive I would spend this much to own one of the pieces yet. I understand why people would. The are truly unique and futuristic looking...something that I'd be happy to wear. Some exciting news is they also revamped the Nike Air Max 90 trainers as slip-ons for $175.00 (you're welcome sneaker heads).
I'm not sure I'd see anyone in the gym in these, but I can picture it on joggers in the street. I can also definitely picture it on fashionistas and brave dressers because the colors and looks are great for street style. 
Check out and shop the collection HERE

How amazing is the photo above!!


Revamped Air Max 90 trainers with a wedge. 

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