Dr. Martens X Cartoon Network ‘Adventure Time’ Boots.

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Adventure time, C'mon, grab your friends, We'll go to very distant Lands...

I have always loved Dr. Martens boots. They're like a go-to item in my closet. Every girl should own a pair of their bulky black boots with the yellow lining... they literally go with everything I swear! Imagine my excitement when I learned about Dr. Martens X Adventure Time! It's like a wish come true I didn't even know I was hoping for yet. 

It's no secret that Adventure Time is one of the coolest main stream cartoons that Cartoon Network has graced us with in the last few years. All the characters are so lovable and special in their own way... you sympathize with them as strange and funny as that sounds. 

Anyway, All of these items below are available for pre-order for both men and women at SOLESTRUCK. The items are available and expected to ship March 31st 2015.

Finn Boot

I like the straps on both the Finn and Jake Dr. Martens X Adventure Time boots. The Jake boot is giving up a fist pump. 

Jake Boot

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Castel Boot

My Favorite from the collection is the Finn Boot. Coincidentally, I need to add a white pair of Dr. Martens to my closet (added to wish list). 

Which one of the Dr. Martens X Adventure Time boots are you coveting? 

Xx Nubia

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