Lime Crime Makeup Review.

by - 7:17 PM

Hello Nubians,

My dear friend Jasmin gifted me with some beautiful Lime Crime Makeup lipsticks and a colored eye-liner for my birthday so I thought... since they're soooooo pretty I must review!

The 2 lipsticks 'CentriFuchsia' and Airborne Unicorn' are bold, beautiful, pigmented colors right in time for Spring/Summer!

If you want all the juicy details you can watch my video below (subscribe to NubTube!). I also included 2 photos so you can see the ravishing pigment of these lipsticks and get encouraged to discover the magical world of Lime Crime Makeup. 

Above I am wearing the loud and proud Opaque Lipstick 'CentriFuchsia' AKA: The neck breaker. 

Above I am wearing the gorgeous 'Airborne Unicorn' purple pastel lip.

***In both of these photos I am wearing the Lime Crime 'Orchid Aceous' eyeliner.*** 

Xo Nubia Xo

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