Ciara's 'I Bet' Video Is Amazing.

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Hey Nubians!

Have we all seen the Ciara 'I Bet' video? Well if you haven't, you should right now! She's looks absolutely stunning.

I'm so glad to see Ciara back in the music scene first and foremost, I'm guessing she took a of time off to be a good mommy to her cute baby. I always thought she was so talented and enjoyed seeing her dance. 

'I Bet' is the perfect song for anyone going through a breakup, with lyrics like: 

"I bet you start loving me 
As soon as I start loving someone else 
Somebody better than you 
I bet you start needing me 
As soon as you see me with someone else 
Somebody other than you"

Take that Future! Sorry I don't support unfaithful men (Not Sorry). It's an awesome revenge song too FYI. 

The video is absolutely gorgeous and she does a good job mixing the grace and elegance of ballet with the swag of R&B. I like the simplicity in her outfits too.... either all black, or all white or off white. It fits the vibe of the video perfectly. And can we talk about her hair here!? The slow motion parts of the video where she gets to show off her long locks is mesmerizing. 

And lastly... 

Let's talk about her body!!! This woman has a baby and looks spectacular. You can instantly tell she works out so much too. If she is't one already, you should add her to your fitness goals list pronto! 

Watch the video below and let me know what you think, enjoy! 

Xo Nubia Xo

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