Funko Vinyl Vixens At Toy Fair 2015.

by - 11:00 AM

How pretty are these ladies? 

Funko Toys has revealed more from it's Vinyl Vixen collection with Vinyl Sugar. We now have the frisky Catwoman and Poison Ivy. For anyone interested, The Harley Quinn Vinyl Vixen was available at Hot Topic (for $29.50) as a pre-exclusive but unfortunately it seems to be out of stock, womp, womp!

I'm always crushing on the ladies of DC Comics. I'm usually a sucker for Harley Quinn but my favorite out of these figures is Poison Ivy. Her eyes are seductive and I love the special touch the rose in her hand adds to the figure. I'm smitten with the pin-up flair these bad girls have. 

The Poison Ivy and Catwoman Vinyl Vixen Figures will be released in March. 

Which one of these gorgeous gals is your favorite? 

Xx Nubia

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