Todd McFarlane The Walking Dead Toys and Building Sets at Toy Fair 2015.

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Ok are these Todd McFarlane The Walking Dead toys and building sets insane or what?!

All AMC The Walking Dead fans take a breathe. Todd McFarlane has presented you with an early Christmas. He has some really cool shit displayed at the New York Toy Fair 2015 right about now. From cellblocks to boiler rooms to the Governor's truck to Walker Barriers. The detail going on in these figures and sets alone is enough to make a damn zombie want to come back to life and mess around with them. 

I haven't kept up with The Walking Dead as much as I should have (I'm not currently up-to-date on the series) however, I can say one of my favorite things about these toys and sets is that I really feel they show raw emotion. I find myself starring at them almost as if they were a scene from the show... like I'm replaying a clip over and over again if that makes any sense. 

There's some war, brutality, blood and violence going on in these displays. Anything to survive another day and get away from these damn walkers. 

How sick is this? 

They have so much you can pick from for you to build your own The Walking Dead world right in your living room if you choose. Build a ton of collectibles with Walkers getting their brains blown out, FUN STUFF KIDS. 

What do you think about these figures? Hope you've added a few to your gift list. I have tons of friends that would literally die (and maybe become a walker) for these. 

Xx Nubia

Update: Check out this awesome detailed video on these Todd McFarlane The Walking Dead figures below. 

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