Funko Introduces the Pop! Home Line.

by - 1:00 PM

I love Funko's POP! Toys and now... They're introducing POP! HOME.

Awesome right? I'm sure you've seen their vinyl figures around. Disney, Marvel, Movies, Heroes, TV, you name it, odds are they have it. Now they're breaking into what I like to call the "FUN home decor business" (fuck boring china). Anyway, they're using their POP! designs on mugs and salt and pepper shakers from what I can tell for now. 

Coming soon they'll have spatulas, coasters, lanyards, pen toppers and more. You know what that mean!? Kitchen make over time bitches!

Who doesn't want a little Venom pepper on their pasta? You can rise and shine with a cup of Captain America joe. You see where I'm going with this? 

What do you guys think about POP! Home? 

Xx Nubia

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