Pretty in Pink with Patrick from SpongeBob Style.

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Hello Nubians,

Let's talk about my muse for this outfit, Patrick from Spongebob... isn't he the cutest! I've collaged some photos of him below for your viewing pleasure.

Anyways, I took a ride over to Town Square, Las Vegas the other day just to shop and eat. I Love going there because it's so visually pleasing and there's something for everyone... I find it very relaxing. 

My first stop was Whole Foods where I just had to go and pick up my Synergy Kombucha drink. After moving from New York to Vegas these are a lot harder to find. In NY I used to find them easily even at Deli's, but here I have to check out more healthy type stores.


Ha, this shirt makes me laugh because I love the expression on his face. I picked up the shirt at Buffalo Exchange a few weeks back. 

I stopped by at Crazy Pita and it was super delicious! I highly recommend you try out their Shrimp Pita... good stuff. 

After Crazy Pita I stopped by Mc Faddens for a happy hour drink, cheers! It's a cool bar and it get's super packed and popular on Saturday nights.

Hearts from the dessert. 

One of my last stops of the day was watching The Gambler movie starring Mark Wahlberg. I'm a big fan of his but really didn't like the movie much at all sadly... I found it too posey, a bit forced and sort of unrealistic... but that's just me. 

Anyway the AMC Theatre in Towns Square is nice. Cool place to watch a flick.  

Here's a full shot of the outfit. Jacket from H&M, Nike Airmax sneakers and some comfortable sweats from god knows where lol if you really want to know ask in the comments and I'll find out. 

This is my comfortable yet still stylish look. Also I got SO MUCH compliments on my lipstick this day, literally everywhere I went. It's NYX Violet Macaron Lippe. People were saying things along the lines of "OMG I wish I had the courage to wear this color it looks so good". I think you all have the courage... Just have to be gutsy enough to express it.  

Lastly it was cold as hell so I ended the day with a good 'ol coffee from The Coffee Bean. They have a mean Hot Chocolate too.

Xo Nubia Xo

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