Film Fashion Friday: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion.

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Hello my beautiful Nubian Queens and Kings,

About a week ago I was roaming through Netflix and ended up watching Romy and Michele's High School Reunion starring Mira Sorvino & Lisa Kudrow. What an awesome throwback right? Oh how I miss the girly High School chick flicks from the 90s.

Anyway, I'm not here to talk about the movie much, I'm here to talk fashion! But for those of you who are interested, The movie is about 2 girls who weren't too popular in high school and often got picked on by the popular crowd. When they receive word of a 10 year reunion, they realize that they haven't done much after the 12th grade, Being that they want to impress the "it crowd", they create a very random story for themselves about life after high school (which is totally un-true) and this leads them into a bit of trouble. It's pretty hilarious being that they rent a car pretending to own it, get cellphones somehow and start wearing business suits to look successful.

Michele Weinberger (Lisa Kudrow) makes clothing that her and Romy design together. I've gathered screen shots from the movie of some of my favorite looks to share with you all. Some of these should come back in style and be used more often!

There used to be such a big mixed of mixed prints and patterns. Even though I still see looks like this today, I wish I would see a bit more of it. Polkadots and card suits, I can dig it.  

These dresses look like they're satin and well, I'm not really sad I don't see much of these anymore. However, they look like they'd make awesome super heroine costumes. 

I actually really like the light blue jacket for a night life extravagant look. It has futuristic vibes flowing all over it. 

More fun Jewelry! I'm totally dying over Michele's cherry earrings, necklace and ring set. 

Very glad people don't wear these sorts of dresses to proms or dress up  events anymore... they could be cute without the flowers and crazy embellishments on them. Even I think simplicity goes a long way sometimes.

Definitely don't miss the over done lace and tulle look from the Madonna Like A Virgen Days. 

I really wish women would have more fun with formal office attire and colors. I'm from New York and everyone is always all about black. #bleh

This look I LOVE. It's one of my favorites with the matching skirt and headband print. It looks like something out of the late 60's/70's.

Sex is always in style. 

Here is the New York style I was talking about. This is from when they were faking they were successful business women. Why does success have to be related to all black all the time? I would love to see more vibrant colors. 

Lastly the head scarves. I would love to see women wear these more often today. They can add so much to a look and are very elegant.

What do you think about Romy and Michele's style? What would you bring back and what are you glad is gone?

Xo Nubia Xo

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