New York Comic Con 2014: Pammy Cakes Boutique.

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Hello Nubians,

I LOVE playful fashion and feeling youthful, this is one of the many reasons I'm inspired by Japanese Style. All the colors, characters, texture, and emotion that goes into the clothing make me happier when I wear it.

This year at New York Comic Con it was great seeing Pammy Cakes Boutique: Fairy Kei & Casual Lolita Boutique booth set up! She was absolutely killing 'em with utter cuteness. It isn't her first time at Comic Con and it isn't her first time on NubiasNonsense either, if you remember I interviewed her HERE.

Pammy Cakes Boutique contains t-shirts with characters and saying such as "Lolita, Come Out and Play" or "So Kawaii" she also carries beautiful full tulle skirts with bows and other embellishments. There's also a nice array of jewelry and bracelets. Some of the jewelry has Berries & Choco Cake, Lemon Cake, Cupcakes, it looks so delicious I want to eat it! There's also a lot of cute pearl earrings and bracelets. Hair bows, and cat ears are also sold among other accessories.... I mean seriously, KAWAII!!!!! It's like a little piece of Japan located in NYC.

Above see Pamela Jackson owner and designer of Pammy Cakes Boutique striking a pose for us at her booth at New York Comic Con. I mean, look at her in that pink wig and cat ears from her collection! She's adorable. We happen to know that she loves cosplay and dressing up for all occasions too. 

We have our eye on that enormous bow. 

Photos by Daniel Mejia

We were completely smitten with this unicorn tee and its My Little Pony vibes. It was one of her best sellers at Comic Con, she sold out of them. 

We need a pair of those heart shape earrings with the pearl asap!

Some awesome Comic Con cosplayers shopping at her booth stopped to strike a pose. 

We hope to see her again next October at New York Comic Con 2015. Can't wait to see what new merchandise she'll carry. 

We pulled this little questionnaire from her site below for you to get to know her better. Click to enlarge :)  

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