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Hello Nubians,

I found this cute little shop while browsing on instagram that I just had to share with you all! As a lover of most things pop culture or cult oddities, my jaw immediately dropped when I saw these accessories. Let me introduce you to Night Owl Designs. 

Ever watch a movie or show, hear a song or play a video game that just sticks with you forever? A girly girl that loved Alicia Silverstone in Clueless or a Comic Book Geek that enjoys a little snooch to the nooch with Jay and Silent Bob? Ever stay up late nights watching Nick at Nite and being glued watching marathons of The Adams Family, The Wonder Years, The Cosby's, Rosanne, etc? Ever go crazy staying up late nights trying to beat Super Mario Brothers? You can see where I'm going with this. All of the above was pretty much my childhood.

Night Owl Designs takes popular characters or celebrities and puts them on earrings, necklaces and more. The accessories are very modestly priced starting at about $8.00 for a pair of earrings you won't find just anywhere. From what I read on the site the charms are made from ink jet shrink film and coated in acrylic for added durability. Ear wires are surgical steel and jump rings are base metal. Light, Fun and I bet they would absolutely be conversation starters.

You can find nostalgic accessories from characters such as Bevis and Butthead, Vanilla Ice and MC Hammer, Beastie Boys, Wizard of Oz, The Breakfast Club  and SO MUCH MORE.  I am completely  obsessed with what this designer is doing because to me, everything I see on the site is a classic and takes me back to a very happy place in my life.

Below check out some of my favorites from Night Owl Designs and make sure to visit their website and follow their social networks Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook. There's so much more to see.

 David Bowie Earrings. 

Princess Buttercup and Wesley from The Princess Bride. 

The cast of Clueless.

Jay and Silent Bob.

Cliff and Claire Huxtable. 

Gremlins set of 5 Christmas ornaments.
 JD and Veronica from Heathers.

 Pretty In Pink Light Switchplate.

Three's Company earrings. 

The Shining Light Switchplate.

Xo Nubia Xo

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