Winter Bottoms Guide.

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Hello Nubians,

Tis the season and before you know it, It's going to be freezing! November just started and I've been thinking a lot about the Winter time.

I like the cold weather because I believe it's way more fun to dress being that you get the chance to layer so much with your sweaters, vest, coats and all sorts of creative craziness you can come up with... but what about the bottoms?

A few days ago I was hanging out at home and I had some free time so I made this little collage below to inspire me. This is what was going through my mind...

I don't know about most people but I'm still very into the skinny jean trend (check these from Simons). If you can find a good pair why not? For my body type personally I find them flattering and with a nice pair of heels, a cool baggy sweater and some bad-ass accessories... POW! You're set.

Another thing I've been really into lately is the leather look. I think leather pants can keep you warm and if you rock them correctly, they look hella stylish too. With menswear having such a high influence on women's wear lately and all the Kanye West and A$AP Rocky's of the world rocking so much leather, you may want to keep a pair or 2 in your closet.

Leggings is another must have for almost every season except Summer. I like being loud and a bit festive so I'm a fan of the Aztec print leggings... They make me think of Christmas.

On the bottom row you'll see all baggy attire. It's good to go baggy and still try to keep it fashionable. You can rock things like harems, cute sweatpants, boyfriend jeans, camo or plaid prints on them wouldn't hurt either. In NYC the winter time can get rather harsh and these are good looks for a few reasons... they're comfortable and they give you the option to wear leggings under so your a$$ isn't freezing off.

Besides that, I would say color wise I like military greens, browns, reds, blacks, grays, and navys. I like to wear stockings too but by December and January it get's too cold for that sometimes.

I hope this inspired you to put some outfits together for the winter time. Most of these styles or similar looks can be found in your H&M and Zaras of the world.

Let me know if you have any questions or tell me a bit about your style!

Xo Nubia Xo 

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