Curls Made Easy with the Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret.

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Hey Nubians,

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The Holiday season is practically here and it's important to have a nice cute hair style you can rely on. I LOVE curls. When I heard about the Conair Curl Secret I was overly excited to try it. I saw the videos online and a few reviews and was curious about the new curling technology. When an opportunity came up for me to test it out I was delighted! Let me tell you a bit about my curling journey and show you how to curl hair with the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret.

I went on over to Walmart to purchase my Secret Curl which is priced at $99, this was awesome because it $150 at The Secret Curl Website. Walmart was a no brainer because I got to save $50.00! 

What You'll Need
*Conair Curl Secret
*A comb 
*A hair tie or clip

Step 1
*Untangle and divide your hair into sections. 

Step 2

*Pick A heat setting (high or low) and figure out how tight you would like your curls. The Curl Secret has numbers 8, 10, and 12 (12 being the tightest curls) I chose the number 10.  

Place a 1/2 - 1 inch piece of your hair in the chamber and then clamp it closed. 

Step 3
*While you have your hair clamped you will hear the hair rolling into the Infiniti Pro Curl Secret . It will beep three times. The fourth beep (which is continuous) will let you know that you're done and you an unclamp your hair. 

You will notice after you start using it that YOU CAN NOT GET BURNED. I have gotten burned a few times curling my hair in the past with other products so this was a great relief. It also makes it great to use for teenagers and young children.

Below you'll see a peek at my first curl. 

Step 4

*Keep repeating the same steps throughout all of your hair and THAT'S IT! It's so easy and convenient. It lets my arm rest as opposed to a traditional curler and it gives me beautiful curls that actually last. 

Final Look

How freaken cute is this! I just have to mention again how easy and what a time saver the Infiniti Pro Conair Curl Secret is to use. If you've ever had an issue curling your hair THIS IS FOR YOU! 

Different Looks with The Secret Curls

I decided to play around a bit with my curls. All the looks below I was able to do in no more than 2 minutes after using the Infiniti Pro.

Here I did a very simple twisty and clipped it to my hair.

Braid with Curls. 

Here I did a small french braid on the top of my head and really enjoyed the braid/curl combo the Curl Secret allowed me to do.

Rocker Curls

Here's another quick cute look I put together after using the Conair Infiniti Curl Secret were I did u huge puff on the top of my hair and swept a bit of hair behind my ears.

Bang Swipe

Lastly a more traditional look with a side swept bang and some hair clipped in the back.

Check out this video below with the Curl Secret being used on thick hair.

I absolutely recommend you try out this product, especially if you've been curious about it already. It would make an adorable and useful holiday gift to your any one of your girlfriends. I am truly smitten with this!!!

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Let me know if you have any questions and I'll be glad to provide a detailed answer for you.

Xo Nubia Xo 

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