THIS White Dress from Violet Doll.

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Hello Dear Nubians,

I love color! Those of you who have been following this blog know that fact well and I also love rocking white during the summer time.

This particular dress is from Violet Doll an online boutique with a lot of affordable stylish pieces that I've been digging lately.

Since the dress is quite short and a statement pieces on it's own,  paired it up with a medallion necklace and a pair of gladiator heels I thought fit the mood nicely.

The back of the dress is identical to the front. It looks like a butterfly of some sort or a tie-dye explosion. Something about it even reminds me of a scene out of Donnie Darko with some color added to it, Ha! A little dark yet colorful if that makes any sense at all? At this point I may just be rambling... or maybe it's some water color paint thrown into water and left unattended to just mix and swirl together freely. As you may be able to tell the dress speaks to me.
Wearing: Dress and Jewelry from Violet Doll, Shoes by Fioni. 

Being silly with the camera, what else is new. I've been into the bold lip plain makeup look a lot lately. 

This look has almost inspired my to buy some rit dye, plain white tees, and get a tie-dye DIY party going. Would be totes fun.

Xo Nubia Xo 

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