4th of July Beauty and Fashion.

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Hello Nubians,

Tomorrow is the 4th of July! Get ready to see photos of fireworks all over instagram and Facebook, ha! Tis the world we live in today.

On another note I found these photos of patriotic items that may inspire what you wear tomorrow.  Here we go....

1) American flag Converse kicks

My dad got these for me when I was about 13 and I thought they were so LAME. It's kind of funny because I love them now haha.

*If you can't get these exact sneakers you can always wear blue or red shoes/sneakers or maybe do a cool DIY projects where u make starts and stick them on your shoes for the day. Use your imagination people!

2) gla.MAR.ous Liberty headband

I love headbands ESPECIALLY during Spring/Summer. This particular headband which you can purchase HERE is a personal favorite of mine exhibiting the colors of liberty and justice for all!

*If you don't have time to get this particular headband for tomorrow play around with bows or ribbons. Hair accessories are always a hit.

3) Denim

Denim to me is very USA for some reason. It reminds me of a retro sort of American dream. If you have any denim shorts, jeans, tops, tomorrow would be a good day to rock it.

4) Makeup

If for some reason you just aren't feeling like dressing up play around with your makeup! It's easy and fun. I would absolutely go eye shadow crazy! Maybe even draw cute little stars on your cheeks. Have fun with it. 

5) The American Flag

Nothing wrong with going completely traditional. Buy a cute top like THIS one.

6) Nails

You can never go wrong with a cute manicure. Use stickers and try your best. People ALWAYS notice nails ;-) 

Hope this post will some looks you'll be putting together tomorrow. So many of this has DIY potential so if you have any questions tweet my @NubiasNonsense.

Happy 4th of July! **Firework explode**

Xo Nubia Xo 

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