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Hello Nubian Queens and Kings,

I'd like to start off by saying that Prabal Gurung for Target is a pretty sweet deal. I walked into my local target in Queens and they had a very nice selection. Lots of floral pieces and nice neon colors... definitely a few pieces you can easily fall in love with and be smitten over.

This wasn't really the reason I went to Target however, it just happened to catch my eye. Though the clothing was indeed beautiful, I decided to pass on it for now. I already saw so many people I know taking pictures of their purchases already that I decided to stray away for now.

See some of the styles below. Photo via  

What I couldn't walk away from was this sexy red little wedges. I plan to go back to bleach blonde soon and whenever I do, I usually wear lots of red. The first thing that attracted me about these bad boys is the ankle strap.. I've been all about looking for ankle strap shoes lately... they make your leg shape look so much better in my opinion. Also, they have a small wedge that I really like because it adds a little bit of height and is also comfortable.

At $30.00 these shoes were the ultimate bargain... I almost felt like I robbed them haha. I tested them also and they are crazy comfortable. Thumbs up on my end.

I was almost ready to walk out when I saw this necklace. The colorful flowers immediately caught my eye and it quickly became a no-brainer when I saw it was on sale! It was marked down from $40.00 down to $10.00.

With that being said, I am very pleased with my 2 purchases and I am so crazy eager for a little warm weather here in NYC.

Did you shop the Prabal Gurung x Target collection?

Xo Nubia Xo

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