Wish List: Michael Kors Gold Chain Sneakers

by - 11:29 PM

Hello Nubians!

Happy holidays! Such excitement and happiness in the air... A few days ago I was walking around the Lower East Side going to some events and hanging out. I happened to walk into the Michael Kors store with my friend and fell in love with these sneakers!

Retail: $250.00

I'm pretty intrigued with the bold gold chains as laces. I don't wear sneakers too often, but these are kick ass in my book. Stylish with an urban flair. They are very Kanye Westishhh. Not to mention they TOTALLY have DIY potential which is pretty cool for you crafters out there. It looks fairly easy... perhaps one day if I don't get around to owning these.

Def an item to throw on my holiday wish list. What do you think of these bad boys?

Xo Nubia Xo

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