Holiday Gift Ideas.

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Hello Nubians,

Did I ever tell you how easily I get bored? SUPER Easy. I think that's why I work in social media and blogging... things are always moving and changing.With that being said, I always surf the web looking for things out of the norm. Cool clothing or objects that I find interesting. I was just thinking about how they'd make cool gifts, so many birthdays and holidays lately.

Batman Socks:
Socks with a cape! ha. Being the batman lover that I am, these are rad. I would wear these over stockings with ankle books so the capes could float around as I walk. Totes DIY potential also.

Camera Lens Stainless Steel Mug:
This one is pretty self explanatory. I have so many creative friends that would appreciate this.

Tetris Stackable LED Desk Lamp
A video game playing, pop culture lovers dream come true! Well maybe not dream, BUT it's a bad ass desk accessory. I want one of these!!!

8-bit Tablet Sleeve
I'm a lover of anything 8-bit. I think this is a fun tech intercessory and definitely a conversation starter.

Sunshine Tee
This tee is a cool mix of the classic movie Little Miss Sunshine and Mario. TOO GOOD.

Pollos Tee
If you know anyone who loves or is starting to watch Breaking Bad, buy them this tee. You can thank me later. This could also be a cool gift with the show's first season on DVD or something along those lines.

Twas a popular year for zombies. I just happened to think this was a cool design. 

For the men in your life, I love gifts that can put a smile on more than person. Learn about The Life Tie Project. 

"The Life Tie Project is a philanthropic neckwear collection donating 25% of proceeds towards a curated portfolio of innovative cancer research & patient care foundations (while the remaining 75% keep The Life Tie Project running.)  In light of recent events, their holiday collection tie, the Charles, funnels proceeds to Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. New York may recently have been the epicenter of disaster, but it's always the epicenter of fashion, so the Charles tie takes a sartorial departure from the other neckwear with its updated, skinny look. Rolled up as pictured in the attached image, the Charles tie is sleek and small enough to stuff in a stocking for your man or Dad this Christmas."

I hope you enjoyed the items on the list or maybe it gave you some inspiration for your tech/pop culture/tv loving friends.

Xo Nubia Xo

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