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Last week Lucky Magazine invited me to attend a party they were having at The Standard Hotel and I had an awesome time. It was nice to bump into some people after New York Fashion Week and actually be able to stop them for 5-10 minutes and catch up.

TresemmÉ hair styles, A D.I.Y. station hosted by Grace Atwood, Minx manicures designed by Elizabeth Monson, Cocktails, Music and tasty snacks #POW. The funny thing is, and this may sound strange coming from a style bloggers mouth BUT I consider it a successful night when I don't have to talk too much about blogging and what brands I'm working with etc... I rather talk more about creative ventures... future plans... etc. I was able to find pleasant conversation with a few people at the Lucky event so that was cool. There's just way too much (and excuse my french) FUCKERY going on in the blogosphere lately... but that's another topic I might touch on soon...Perhaps... I'm debating. 

La semana pasada la revista Lucky me invitó asistir a un evento en el hotel Standard, Nueva York.   Tuve un tiempo bien agradable. Vi algunas amistades que no he visto en mucho tiempo y pude hablar un poco con ellos sobre trabajo, el futuro y las maravillas de la vida. 

Estilos de cabello TresemmÉ, Un estacion D.I.Y. donde varia gente se disfruto, manicuras Minx diseñados por Elizabeth Monson, cócteles, música y sabrosos bocadillos.

Above: People rocking it at the D.I.Y. stations, pretty ladies getting their hair done, Chicks with drinks getting nice, the NYC skyline view when I strolled upstairs.

 El ambiente de el evento.
I've been in a very chilled the fuck out/relax/urban but still stylish mood lately. Thus I sported some Combat boots, Cargo-ish pants, A hoodie and that's about it.

Mi estilo estaba bien relajado. Botas, pantalones cargo, y un suéter.
The gift bag we received on our way out had a current issue of Lucky Magazine but what got me more excited was The Ultimate Style Guide!!! I saw some cool stuff in there I may be blogging about. It also included TresemmÉ split remedy (which i can sure as hell use) and a cute makeup bag.

Los productos que estaban en la bolsa de regalos que recivimos. Estaba super contenta que Luck nos dio su nuevo Guía de estilo. 

I must say, it feel's good to be back. Thanks Lucky Magazine!

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