Woah, an outfit post?

by - 11:16 AM

Woah, an outfit post? 

I know, I know, unfortunately for me lately those have sort of been few and far between. Not because I'm not dressed incredible cute (duh), BUT because I don't have anyone to take my photos sometimes and I've been spending a lot of time working and getting my creative juices flowing!

On another note, TGIF! I'm thinking of having one of those "stay in Netflix nights"... For those of you who know me that might be quite the shocker, but I'm trying out this whole "refresh/revive my body" thing for a few days... you'll probably get to read about it on the blog.

Wearing: Levis skinny jeans, gla.MAR.ous Elizabeth II headband, Aldo earrings, H&M jacket, Material girl dress, Charlotte Russe booties, Katherine Kwei bag

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