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Last week I was invited to the Tibi showroom to view their most recent collection. As some of you may know, I LOVE Tibi. I've been following this line for quite some time and I've been more than pleased with it's growth and changes.

Pre-Fall 2012:

In this collection, I notice edgier looks than the previous. Edgier and more bold silhouettes/details is the direction I notice the Tibi line is heading in, in general. This leaves me rather anxious and excited to follow more. While change is good, I'm glad they've kept using bold prints which they've always been so popular for.

The third top above with the collar is one of my favorites.

This piece reminds me of a varsity jacket (which have been ever so trendy). They're absolutely gorgeous and look incredibly warm.

You also have the option to remove the zipper which is fun. I always appreciate clothing with options.

Here we have these ravishing gowns. I can't quite figure out what I'm infatuated with more... The colors or the cut-out in the back.

This is probably another one of my favorite tops. The leather collar wins me over. Can you picture it? This top, a mini skirt and leather ankle booties = Nubia's sold.

The sheer tops below remind me a bit of clueless. I was actually commenting about that with one of the lovely ladies in the showroom and how I would still rock these with knee-highs and a cute pair of Mary Janes.

 Summer 2012

Fun colors and comfortable garments. There is something here for every occasion.

I found these dresses to be my favorite is this collection. While I usually don't learn towards boxy silhouettes, I like the buttons. It reminds me of something Japanese inspired or Legos or even button candy.

Lovely summer gown with back cut-out on the right side.

So there you have it! I had a fabulous looking through all the garments. Thanks to the Tibi crew and master mind designer Amy!

For more on Tibi, Check these out: Site/ Twitter/ Facebook

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