Fashion Week Survival Kit

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Let the madness begin! You can never plan too early...


I love and hate covering New York Fashion Week #NYFW. A true love/hate relationship, you've probably heard tons of people utter those exact words. I mean,  lets get serious... It's not even fashion week it's more like fashion month! Along the way however, you learn a lot about getting around. Here's some stuff I've found rather helpful and I feel will be good for the upcoming Fall 2012 shows.

New York Fashion Week Survival Kit

Coffee: Grab a nice big cup of coffee to kick your day off the right way. If you don't like coffee...
Emergen-C: Drink Emergen-C! Another great way to kick your day off and it can keep you from getting sick (which is the last thing you want to do), Yay vitamin C.
Camera: Bring a nice DSLR along to capture street-style and runway shows. Make sure its charged.
Memory Card: I would probably carry a few memory cards... I get real photo friendly fast.
Flats:  Most of us have learned the hard way how essential it is to carry a pair of flats with you, DO IT! *words of wisdom*
Small Camcorder: This is more of an option but I like to carry one around. I take small clips and make videos to go along with my post sometimes.
A Nice Black Blazer: Every girl needs one, Duh.
iPhone Charger: I take it around with me everyday.
Over-sized Tote bag:  I run around a lot. When I say run, I literally mean some-what sprinting. I need a bag that can fit a lot. The more the better. But still be fashionable.
Skinny Jeans: A nice pair of skinny jeans always come in handy. Especially if you're in a rush. 
Moisturizer: Winter does horrible things to our skin. Look and feel good.
iPhone: This one is sort of obvious. However, a cool case will spice things up for NYFW.
Mist: Carry around a nice mist you can touch up with after a long day. Smell yummy.
Chapstick: I like Carmex and now I'm using Maybelline Baby Lips also. I can't have my lips getting super chapped with this cold weather.
USB Stick: I love my Mimobot USB stick. They're adorable and useful.
Flashy of Classy Scarf: Makes a nice accessory for February.
Comfortable Wedges: For petite girls like myself, this adds height and comfort. I like to feel tall sometimes and I like shoes I can wear all day.
Faux Fur: Just incorporate it somehow. I could be a vest, jacket, scarf.. whatever. JUST DO IT. It makes outfits prettier.
Gloves: Once my hands are cold my whole body gets cold. Don't forget your gloves! Your day will be busy and stressful enough, you don't have to be cold also.
Shoe inserts: They always come in handy. I have "city feet" I walk REALLY FAST. These help out.
Statement Jewelry: It's fashion week girl! Live a little. Go big or go home.
Headphones: These come in handy for those Subway rides. Also, Sometimes you might need some motivation music when you're feeling a bit drained.
Water Bottle: Stay hydrated! Most times you can find water at venues however.Your call.
A Notebook: Sometimes I like to write stuff down on paper instead on electronic devices. Get a notebook that won't take too much space.
Sunglasses: I like wearing shades during the day in the winter. Great NYFW accessory.
Altoids: It will be a long day, No one likes bad breath.

These are some items I thought were essential. One thing I'd like to add is some sort of snack, like a Luna bar... Its hard to find lunch breaks.

Hope you find these helpful and let me know if I missed out on anything you think is important. To check out some NN NYFW fun from the past, check here.

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