Join me at the Lucky Shops NY VIP night

by - 11:53 PM

Hello friends,

How do, you do?

(Makeup I did before going out, apparently I'm going through a green phase... But it's not with envy, believe that!)

Cool exciting news!

This Fall is Lucky Magazines 8th annual Lucky Shops New York event. The three-day event offers 5,000 passionate shoppers deals up to 70% off current season merchandise. Yes that's right I said CURRENT season.

Yours truly (me, duh) will be getting my hair/makeup done and being dressed courtesy of the Lucky Magazine team in a mysterious designer (I wonder who... Guess I should work out). I will be walking the red carpet with the chance to photograph and interview celebs/designers and then I'll shop my booty off till I drop. I did say 70 percent... Remember?

Come join me, hang out, lets have a drink!

As a cool perk for being part of the Red Carpet team. I get to give away 2 tickets valued at $150.oo away for free! That means you can win the tickets and bring a girlfriend!

To enter this giveaway courtesy of Lucky Magazine simply leave your name and email address. I will have this giveaway open until October 31st! Don't miss out. Spread the word.

The event is Friday November 4th from 6-9. Some of the merchandise available will be from: Elizabeth and James, Rebecca Minkoff, Rachel Roy, Miss Me, Foley + Corrina and so much more! Click here to find out more. Follow @LuckyShopsNY for more updates


Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. that's SO EXCITING nubia! i can't wait to see pics from the event!!! i know you'll look beautiful.

    p.s. your eye makeup looks lovely!

  2. You are so beautiful!


  3. Oh hi Nubia! I just wanted to say...


    You know my email! <3 <3

  4. oh duh...i want to enter. i think you know my email:

  5. So awesome!!


  6. My name is Kenya!! Email: kfloveinme at gmail dot com

    Always wanted to go to Lucky Shops!

  7. Oooh yay!


  8. Love you blog!!

    Name IS Shahidah

  9. Rita,

  10. Would love to win tickets! :)

    Carol /


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