These Nails are More than Good....

by - 7:54 PM

They're Grrreat!

Using Tony the Tiger as my muse, I gave myself this super cute and quick manicure. I used to love Frosted Flakes growing up but to be quite honest I wouldn't touch them with a 9 foot pole now. It's not a bad cereal at all (Tony is my homie) it's just the stuff is WAY too sweet for me these days.

This was as simple as it looks.

  • I painted my nails orange and waited for them to dry.
  • Then I used a black nail polish with a thin brush. (Quick Tip: I save my thin brushes even when the nail polish dries out. This way, whenever I get inspired to do nail art, I can dip the brushed in any color. Wash it after you're done.)
  • After that I free handed the strips on my ring finger. The beauty about this is you can do it with no fear and absolute freedom because the strips don't have to match! Does a tigers strip match? EXACTLY! It's easy to fix if you mess up

I'll be trying to post more nail fun soon. I'm trying to change my nail color as much as possible and keep them interesting. I'll keep you all posted my dears!


Xo Nubia Xo

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