Pork Pie Hat, Keeping it Simple.

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This week for the IFB Project we had to recreate a special outfit. I thought it was pleasant to recreate something that brings back nice memories. Thus the outfit below.

The nautical blue shirt is from Club Monaco. I gave it to my Boyfriend as a gift a VERY long time ago. He used to love it because he's a fan of V-necks and because it's simple and he does simple nicely. We washed it various times and eventually it shrunk. It's OK though, It wasn't tragic or anything of that sort... He gave it a good run. I decided to keep it because it fits me. It's kind of funny because he's more of a sneakers/baseball cap kind of guy and a more of a pork pie hat/loafer kind of girl. With that said, you can sort of imagine how I recreated this outfit. I kept it simple and still managed to make it my own. Not to mention... it comes with memories.

Wearing Levis jeans, Ann Klien loafers, Christys hat, Green Ravishing Jewelry bracelet, Vintage inspired camera bag.

This hasn't been the first and won't be the last time I wear my boyfriends clothing, Do you remember this? haha. Do you ever wear your boyfriends clothing?

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. love the outfit, it is special. the loafers & nails are my fave!


    Bang & Buck

  2. Nice outfit..I like the story behind the vneck..I am loving that bag! It looks like what I am looking for haha

    The Black Label

  3. Love the simple striped tee - it's right up my alley! Aren't you just a little glad it shrunk so it could fit you ;o)

  4. CUTE! love that you took your bf's shirt to recreate it in your own style!!!

  5. great look! I adore your shoes :D x

  6. I love your boyfriends shirt with the skinny jeans and the fedora. Very femme-masculine

  7. Love that blush on you and the story behind the shirt and the pork pie hat. I'm actually looking for one right now to do an outfit post.


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