Odor Etiquette: An NYC Subway Tale

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Greetings Dear Readers,

Now the title might have you a bit.... baffled, But I'm just keeping it real.
I was on the Subway last week, and it was sure starting to get stinky. We just started getting full on Spring-like weather here in NYC... I couldn't believe it! I'm not trying to come off as mean or heartless... I know some people suffer from conditions and such. Most situations however, have a matter in which they can be handled and they should be kept under odor control.

You see, I feel for the people with a condition because it must be rough living with it. I DO NOT feel bad for people who are just lazy and forgetful! Shame on you! Do you know how hard it is to take a 45 minute Subway ride with stinky people floating around in the carts? SOME ONE HAS TO SAY IT. Everyone's allowed to slip one day, but C'mon! Seriously. Then, It's real funny when you see people nonchalantly trying to smell themselves hoping that strange odor isn't coming from them ha ha I think that must have happened to everyone at least once, Don't lie.

In honor of some horrid Subway rides I've had to deal with... Here are some tips for staying fresh in Spring/Summer.

  • Wear loose clothing: When you wear tight clothing, your body might feel a bit uncomfortable. Try breathable fabrics like cotton.
  • Use scent free deodorant: Scented deodorant is not your friend! It will give you a musty smell. On top of that, when you buy an expensive perfume you want the amazing smell you paid for correct? Many people don't know that scented deodorant clashes with your perfume and changes the scent! I kid you not my friend... 'Tis true.
  • Wash your clothing regularly: I say this for obvious reasons. We all prefer to smell Downy not the aftermath from your Soccer game (hehe).
  • Don't stress so much, Chill homie: This might be difficult for a few people but it's nice to try. Stress causes anxiety-anxiety causes sweat-sweat is problematic at moments. Besides, being stressed sucks... I KNOW.
  • Carry around gum or mints: This goes out to all my garlic, curry, etc. lovers. I love foods with strong smells as well. Mints will save the day! Think about meetings and such you might have later in the day too.
  • Apply lotion or baby powder after your showers: This will keep your skin feeling fresh. Powder helps out so you don't get rashes and lotion hydrates the skin and also gives off a pleasurable smell.
  • Drink plenty of water and tea: Water keeps you hydrated and many teas have antibacterial herbs.
I'm not singling any one out, I use these tips as well. I believe if more people took these simple suggestions under consideration our noses would have more pleasant days/trips.

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Amen NUBIA! Thanks for speaking out on behalf of millions who feel the same about lazy people and their smelly summer habits.... GROSS! Don't people know that's not how you attract the opposite sex (or same)... Anyway, great tips :) LOL xx

  2. PREACH!!

    I'ma start carrying Febreze in my handbag and spray 'em!

  3. Haha, this just happened to me in the gym the other day! I wore a shirt that I let sit in the washer too long before I dried it, so it had that mildew shirt smell, but I didn't notice until I got to the gym and started sweating, and I was like...OMG is that smell coming from me! And it was. I was so embarrassed I went home and changed. So lesson is to Definitely smell your clothes before putting them on!! hahaha

    Live Life in Style

  4. hehe love your tips! You should make copies and pass it out to people ;)

  5. Lol!! I think we've all fallen victim to funky subway rides :) Hopefully, it will be kept to a minimum this summer!

  6. amen! Those are some tips too!

  7. BAHAHAHA Seriously Nubia, they should put this in the news for everyone to hear! You are so right!


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