You've Got To Have Heart.

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I think I've probably said this a million times, but lets try a million and one...I'M SO ECSTATIC SPRING IS HERE. The flowers are in the process of blooming or already bloomed, The sun's been shining bright, There's been a positive aura floating around me, Everything is great and life if beautiful!
I was chatting with my brother the other day while he was watching a basketball game and he said something along the lines of "Nubia, It's not only about if the player's the best or how much he gets paid... but you've got to have heart". This got me to thinking...You should have heart for everything right? maybe it's just my way of life but if I didn't have heart with the things I did, I would be truly unhappy.

People can run into situations that can delay the manner in which they pursue their dreams which is why you have to seize the day, Carpe Diem! My goal is to wake up and do something I love every day! I am definitely in the right direction and I am extremely grateful for that.
I want to HAVE HEART in what I do and transmit that energy to other people.

Wearing: Andrea Carreno wedges, Gracia jumpsuit, Forever 21 sunglasses, Vintage purse

These earrings used to belong to my mother before I stole borrowed them. I'm not a fan of clip-on's but I adore these.

I hope everyone's been having a glorious week. It's never to later to make a change in another direction, Especially a positive one.

Xo Nubia Xo

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