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Hello Darlings,

I made a video talking about my daily make-up use. If you have some spare time, it would be pretty awesome if you watched it.

I've gotten asked a lot of questions concerning make-up here on my blog even though I constantly remind everyone I am NO WHERE near being a pro or any sort of make-up Guru. I just wing it haha and cross my fingers I don't end up looking like a clown. Most of my attempts have been successful. I

If you have any special request you can email me and I will try to meet your accommodations.
Moisturizer: OLAY complete SPF 15 sensitive skin
Under eye: Cover Girl color stick 715
Mascara: Loreal Feather Lash, Maybelline Colossal, Mac Haute and Naughty Lash
Eyebrows: Bare Minerals brow color Auburn
Liquid eye Liner: Elf 4203 black
Gel eyeliner: Maybelline EYESTUDIO black
Blush: Maybelline Mineral Power Naturally Luminous Blush
Lip colors: Maybelline Color Stay (neutral colors for my daily use preference)
Balm: Carmex

So that's about it sweets, The basics! Enjoy the video.

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Thank You!

Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. I use the same facial lotion (love my Oil of Olay!) as well as the same mascara :)

  2. Loved your post babe, thanks for sharing!! Happy Thursday Mwah xx

  3. you do such great work with your make-up! I agree with you completely on moistureizer, I once got one randomly and I had a pretty bad reaction my skin was really itchy and red... I have the same maybelline mascara and its a treasture.

  4. Great post Nubia...your makeup always looks flawless..haha i use that same mabelline blush and MAC mascara from IFB con...that stuff is amazing!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. Aww I love Bambi's debut, she looks like a Bambi :) I've heard great things about Colossal I'm definitely going to pick it up when my current one dries up. I also like the MAC Haute & Naughty mascara from IFB, the first brush definitely lengthens while the other adds volume :)

  6. that's a super cute video!!!

  7. cute video! love the tips : ) i've been experimenting with video a bit on my blog too - it's a fun way to change things up!

    great blog - i'm your newest follower.

  8. Great vid! You don't give yourself enough credit - your makeup is fabulous!


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