CHRISTYS' Hats Showroom Visit

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Hey Guys,

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting CHRISTYS' showroom and seeing their "Crown Collection" along with some of the Hats that are in stores now.

Walking into the showroom, I could instantly tell there was a lot of vision, passion, and knowledge behind this line. A lot of the inspiration came from the 5 boroughs of NYC. A city full of lights, energy, shapes, and endless culture, it's hard not to interpret it in your own way and make it your own. THE CONFEGGIAN PROCESS, Harmony through balance is the inspiration behind the Fall/Winter line.

Enjoy the photos below. I had a great time at the showroom playing around with a variety of hats and imagining what I would pair them with. It was delightful talking to Giovanni in the showroom as he spoke to me about the line and explained a lot of the history. If you like to sport hats or know someone who does, you could tell the difference between a "hat" and a "quality hat". The detailing of the hats is on point (brims, bows, feather, lining) and will leave anyone who owns a hat from Christys pleased.

Please take a moment to visit the CHRISTYS' Website here. I promise you it's very inspirational and you'll enjoy looking around.

Adjustable hat above to meet your needs.

I'll be back soon! I hope you all had an amazing weekend.
Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. cool hats :)
    I follow

  2. You look stunning in all the hats!

  3. You look so cute in these hats!

  4. these hats are amazing!
    this is an interesting post, and your blog is wonderful!
    i now follow you!
    pleaaase follow back?
    xoxox, alice.

  5. So cool. I love that first hat you tried on. I will have to check them out. Great post!

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  6. I like the second picture, you look great with this one.
    really cute!

  7. Loving all the funky headgear! I'm usually not one for hats, but you make them look so cool!

  8. Oooooh, hat heaven!!!!

  9. Thanks for your feedback guys! It was indeed hat heaven. The line is very impressive

  10. Those hat are really cute. I'm not much of hat person but this post makes me want to reconsider.

  11. such a cute the braid.

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    and if you follow our blog we'll hook you up with 20% off your first purchase!


  12. i just came across your blog on ifb. love it. you seem like such a sweet girl. love the polka dot top in this post - <3 polka dots!

  13. I loved everything in this post! Your outfit was amazing!! You looked great :)
    The Clean Approach

  14. Looks like a fun event. I wish we had more of these sorts of things where I live. x


    OMG, I think this is the first time I've actually been to your blog, how embarrassing!

  16. Amazing shots!!!Thanks for sharing!


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