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Hey guys,

Hope you've all had an amazing weekend. Mine was filled with many great, relaxing events such as long walks in this nice Spring-like weather, iced coffee, great food, Matt Damon, Drinks, etc.

I did however have one BAD experience on Friday evening. I got an invite to check out a "Fashion Trunk Show/Party" for the Chloe & Reese and SLEEK collections. (at least that's what the flyer said but there was nothing party like about it) Any who, When I walked in I was greeted by a lady about 2 minutes after and she explained to me what dresses where on which racks etc. Then it went something like this:

Nubia: These look like some cute evening/party dresses.
Lady1: Thanks, you can try something anything on if you'd like.
Nubia: Thank you. By the way AM I ALLOWED TO TAKE PHOTOS.
Lady1: Yes (giggles).

The convo above is crucial to my story. I then proceeded to say hello to a familiar face. After a while I took my camera out and thought to myself "let me snap some shots to share with my readers". They might like these dresses and give there feedback etc. After all, I am a blogger. I have been to MANY trunkshows and covered them with no problem. I'd say this is what bloggers do right? Provide personal coverage.

There was a table next to me with a swatch card, and I thought to myself "let me take a photo so my readers can see the color inspiration" but THEN... DUN DUN DUN All Hell broke loose for what may have been the most awkward 2 minutes of my blogging career.
I had 3 ladies yell at me once "EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME, EXCUSE ME," until I turned around thinking "they couldn't possible be talking to me". They proceeded to say "what are you taking pictures for?" and I said "To cover the trunk show on my blog" and they said "No you can't take photos."

OKAY.. The way they yelled "EXCUSE ME" made the whole showroom stop and look at me like I stole a dress or something (small showroom) I SWEAR it was extremely uncomfortable/ridiculous. These have been the RUDEST LADIES I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS AT ANY EVENT. The way they yelled, you would have thought I literally stole a dress and attempted to run out with it. I thought to myself "Shit this swatch card must be made out of fucken gold or something" Every one stopped...there was this awkward moment of silent. I just said OK I grabbed my jacket and bag from a chair and left.

First off "Rude Ladies" (because this is what I immediately nicknamed them in my head) you were sitting no more then 6 steps away from me, You could have gotten up and tapped me on the shoulder (instead of making everyone turn around and look at me like I committed some sort of crime) Secondly you shouldn't be yelling at me, you should be yelling at whoever it was that works in your showroom that told me it was okay to take photos to begin with!
I had plans after the trunk show so I had my boyfriend with me (this is the first time he came with me to any fashion related event btw...just great) Even he was in utter shock. He said "Nubia do you want to stay a little longer so it doesn't look strange that you leave right away" But I just said "No, I have no intention to involve myself with such impolite people"

Frankly, I have no intention of bashing these collections at all. I'm not even sure who the "Rude Ladies" are because I hadn't gotten the chance to talk to them yet. They could have been sale reps, one of them could have been the designer for all I know BUT every trunk show, sneak preview, MBFW, NYFW whatever the event may be I have never been treated in such a manner. SO I THOUGHT LET ME SHARE THIS WITH MY READERS BECAUSE I LOVE YOU GUYS! Really I do. In my personal opinion a lot of bloggers adore there readers because YOU keep me going and your input good or bad makes me want to do more. Besides I want you to know what happens in my life here and there ;-).

I've heard horror stories about bloggers and photo-related events before. It was my first and surely won't be my last. I always make it a habit to ask if If I could take photos wherever I go to avoid situations like these. The people in the showroom obviously went about it the wrong way (being that I asked and the flyer didn't say "no photos" either)

So yeah... The End.

Moral of the story: Rude people in this world SUCK! Nice, fun,positive, polite people... #WINNING

ON A POSITIVE NOTE! I WAS FEATURED ON MTV STYLE THIS WEEK! YAY! I adore the people over at MTV STYLE they are seriously amazingly sweet. Thank You!
Below please enjoy the outfit photos from Friday and let me know about your weekend! I'd love to hear about it.

Before and after: Styling the outfit.

Wearing Shabby Apple dress, Calvin Klein stockings, Vintage denim vest, Uniqlo black T-Shirt,Material Girl studded belt, Forever 21 wedges, Street vendor glasses.

Being that Tassels are one of the "IT" items of the moment, I took this necklace and decided to accessorize it around my belt.


Xo Nubia Xo

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  1. Congrats on being featured on MTV Style! How awesome!

  2. Wow what a horrible experience! I'm sorry you had to deal with that! But congrats on being featured on MTV Style, that's so exciting! I am loving your red striped dress here too! :)


  3. wow...some people are SO CRAZY!
    p.s. i LOVE the way you styled that striped dress. adorable!!! :)

  4. Oh, I love the dress so much! Great styling!

  5. Aw I'm sorry you had a bad experience. Rude people are the worst. I'm glad things ended on a positive note. Congrats on the MTV Style feature!

  6. Congrats on your feature, darling!
    Love how you styled the dress ~ I actually have it too and you've given me some great ideas!


    P.S. Sorry about the rude ladies. Karma will get 'em ;)

  7. first of all congratulations on the feature. second LOVE that striped dress and third- so sad to hear about that event. it sounds like they handled things in a bad way.. there are better ways to let you know that you can't take photographs than they did. it might've been stressful on their behalf, but it's just so much better to say things in a better way than they did.
    hope you had a good weekend still

  8. Congrats on being featured! And it was so nice meeting you! I'm so sorry about what happened that night - I had no idea they would react that way since I also asked ahead of time if people can take photos since I invited a few bloggers & they said yes. It was surprising since they were all really nice throughout the night except for that moment -- I hope we can bump into each other at another event & both take away a pleasant time!

  9. Hey Guys thanks for all the congrats on the feature xo I appreciate it

    @Couture Carrie: I'm glad I inspired you doll ;-)

    @ediot: It was a very small showroom it would be easy to control but it's whatever.. Of course I still had a good weekend =) it was great dool Thank you

    @Audrey: Aw lol you did a nice job at the event, the bad part has nothing to do with you. Meeting you was about the only thing about stepping in the place. Def hope to see you soon. Thanks again sweets xoxo

  10. congrats for the feature in the magazine! I love your outfit xxxx

  11. Ugh to the impolite people but congrats on being featured on MTV Style!

  12. Sorry about the crappy event you deserved better than that! Shame on them, on a good note you look amazing and I love the blog as always

  13. congrats on the feature! and i absolutely adore your outfit :)

  14. Ugh how annoying!! People are so stupid!!! :(
    Congrats on the MTV feature though! :D

  15. ugh that sucks, people can be so rude:( im glad you were featured though to offset that bad experience:)

  16. Bummer!!! Rude people suck...for sure! I have yet to encounter a situation like that and I take a lot of pictures. Hopefully, I won't have to because I would just crumble up and die if I was embarrassed in that way infront of people!

    Anyways, congrats on the MTV feature!

  17. Thank you for your comment :) i love this your outfit so much. Colors match great.

    follow my back :)
    best wishes from

  18. You have a cool blog :) I love the striped dress so lovely :)

    The Flower Girl


  19. Looove your outfit! Amazing blog girl!! We are following!!
    Xoxo, K.

  20. Fantastic style !


  21. Congratulation!! You should be proud. Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love your style its so cool. Love Sia x

  22. Thanks for commenting on my blog (emilyfruit.com)! I appreciate all the feedback I can get. Sounds like you had a pretty bad trunkshow experience! Those ladies should be ashaaaamed. :P Congrats on being featured on MTV Style, though! I saw you on there earlier this week! xoxo

  23. awesome blog! <3 the outfit as well! I'm following you through bloglovin and google connect. Hope you return the favor. much thanks ^_^


  24. Eek! I hate moments like that.

  25. Congrats on the feature! And sorry to hear about your experience with the rude ladies :( It could've been worse, right?!


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