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Hey Guys,

Sorry if I've been a crappy blogger lately, I've just been really busy. How's every one doing? Hope you all had a fun Halloween. I didn't really have a official costume, I did a "work out Barbie" It was cute. I didn't take much pictures though, sorry!

Here are some pictures I took today. I am totally smitten with this hat, I purchased it from a street vendor. They actually have different animals, I plan on buying more. They are simply adorable and such a conversation piece. ha ha trust me I know.

I plan on having my head as a perfect place to throw on all sorts of different accessories this Winter. This shall be fun my dears.

Nubia M

P.S. Congrats to NedRip for winning the Nautica giveaway. I'll be having more fun giveaways so check back!

Wearing: Pac Sun shorts, Top Gun leather jacket, Lion Hat Misc, Vintage Purse, Beverly Boutique Cowboy boots

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  1. OK! This is one of the funniest accessories I've ever seen...! LOVE IT!

    Have fun girl, LEna!


  2. Are those contacts? They look great on you. I love the red jacket, really cute. The hat of course is too cute.

  3. Lol!! The hat is all sorts of fun!! The red jacket is awesome too!

  4. I like the pattern of your blouse, and the leather jacket is superb too

    Puck // oneofpoints.blogspot.com

  5. Ooooh everyone needs a hat like that! Too cute!

  6. That hat is so cute and you are too!

    Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog! I appreciate it! :)

  7. Thanks guys!! I super love this hat!!


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