The Never Ending Closet Fashion Show

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Hello Loves!

As most of you know when I went to the New York Comic Con I attended a Fashion Show, It was actually part of the Anime Festival. "The Never Ending Closet" was a successful and fun. There was a lot of people anxiously waiting on line with interesting ensembles themselves I might add (cosplayers).

There was a huge array of looks going down this runway. Some of it was very Lolita inspired while other looks were very Victorian inspired and Futuristic. I even saw a touch of classic Dutch going down the runway. It was definitely inspiring in a very positive manner. The make-up and also on point which I ALWAYS notice at a show.

Please enjoy the photographs I took below, and make sure to check out the designers! If you have any specific questions feel free to leave them in the comment box.

Twin Bee
O so Wrong O so Right
Artificial Intrigue
I Do Declare
Heartless Revival

xo Nubia x0

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