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Greetings marvelous individuals!

Just making a quick post before I start my weekend. Does anyone have interesting plans they care to share? I'd be thrilled to hear them =)

Yesterday I went out with Mary to visit some stores. I was getting some work done and had a pretty pleasant time while I was doing it. I just want to do something I enjoy... who doesn't right?

There are 2 things that have come to my attention as of lately, and I plan to share them with you.

1) I have so many shoes in my closet, but for some reason I only cling on to my black ones! Look at these little brown mary janes I have on here. SUPER CUTE but I barely ever wear them. Same story for a lot of my shoes so I'm going to work of on that.

2) On a bit of a random note... I've decided that on the bottom of my outfit post I am going to start adding Word of The Day. I am a victim of the following I am about to describe:

"Omg I love that, so cute".. "You look gorgeous"... "Oh wow, so amazing"

Yes my friend I AM a victim as well as many of YOU. There isn't anything wrong with it really, but I'm choosing to expand my daily vocabulary. So for anyone who cares to look, I will be adding words... sort of like a word of the day calender.. only I don't post everyday ha ha But I do pretty often. I just think these think will come in handy, especially to my younger readers.

Wearing vintage Levi's vest, Forever 21 khaki shorts, Target Fedora, Loop Clutch, Predictions Mary Janes

Mixing khaki with denim tickled my fancy n_n
Mary gave me a cute little planner because I'M A MESS! haha hopefully this will help out a bit.
My lunch below

Toodles Lovebirds..

Word of the day
:Extraordinary, Fabulous, Huge.

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  1. haha i'm going to use these.

  2. I'm a victim of using those expressions. I think I should expand my vocab as well. But your hat is pretty awesome.

  3. Extraordinary styling! ;) Perfect summer accessories; the fedora and a loose braid! Luv it!

  4. Awesome look, i really love your necklace.

  5. Lookin might "prodigious" today...Lol! Seriously, I love it.. and I know I already said this, but I love your hair... the color is great!

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  6. Haha I love the idea of word of the day! But now I'm going to say... your hat is *super cute*. LoL, sorry! :)


  7. lmao @ashley You can use those words if you want haha

    This new addition to my blog, it even helps me out.. Just to add better descriptive words to my vocab


  8. You look ravishing! (that's my word of the day :) )

    The planner looks adorable, I'm sure it will help you be more organized.

  9. You look really pretty Nubia and I think it's so nice that your friend gave you a planner to help keep you on top of things! :)

    Also, I love that you're going to start adding a word of the day. I hope I learn something new!


  10. looking really pretty !!!
    i love how u added the vest there.. creates more interest in the whole look :)

    thanksss sooo much for your sweet comments on my latest post :) :) have a nice weekend

  11. I do the same thing, I feel like a broken record when I'm reading and comments on blogs. Everyone just looks so cute!
    (love your hat!)

  12. love the last pic
    it's definitely a unique combo!
    love the fedora hat
    but I'm in love with your red clutch!

    come visit my blog..

  13. Great idea of having a word of the day!

    And what's TWELVE?

  14. Looks like an extraordinarily fabulous day of hugeness!

  15. Cute outfit, lover your necklace :)

    Thanks for the lovely comment!

  16. Loooooove those t-straps! And DD iced tea is the best!

  17. I'm a big fan of daily planners. It's never leaves my purse or school bag. I'm always feeling like I write the same stuff. but lately I've been writing more articulate comments.

  18. LOL i do the same thing.. i need more words im so inaticulate.. and really i fear that it makes me seem like a dummy. though im very intellectual.. i constantly use the word like.

    "like like like ' its so annoying but i catn stop.. teach me new words please!

  19. hi sweets. first of all what a great post! i love what youre wearing, and i really like the idea of the "quote of the day"
    especially since english is not my native language..
    hope youre having a wonderful weekend.
    take care
    xxx ediot

  20. @damsels lol I feel the same way with the "like like like"

  21. Hey you were in my neighborhood in these pics!
    Very cute outfit, btw ; )

  22. Hahaha I'm terrible at word choices as well, so I really love that you're gonna have a "word of the day." :)

    Also, I understand what you mean about the shoes...I have SO many but only cling to like two favorite pairs. I will follow in your footsteps and try to branch out. Hehe.

    You are so stunning in these photos!

  23. you made me smile with your post dear...

    the hat is something to love, plus your top and your necklace...oh well, there are just times that even though we have an array of great shoes, we sometimes cling on the first love of our life until it dies out on us...

    such a lovely post!!!
    keep it up dear!!!

    take care gorgeous!

  24. I hope you had a great weekend. Mine was wonderful. I had a pretty relaxing weekend. I watched Tom Ford's film "A Single Man" this weekend. It was wonderful.

  25. Great hat and vest! The entire look is so perfectly suited for the weekend!

    thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog!

    PS-you have the prettiest smile in the blog-o-sphere!

  26. Hey hon! You are rocking that hat- looking cute as usual! xo, mel

  27. I'm prone to using a few fave words often. But like you, I'm trying to expand my vocabulary :)

  28. Casual chic! Love your hair color!

  29. Yeah, but you really do look so cute, gorgeous, so amazing! Seriously, though, I am loving this outfit on you. For a moment I thought maybe it was a pic of you as a young teen--not because it's inappropriate or anything--but because you look sooo fresh and youthful wearing this!

  30. Sweet outfit. Love your denim vest and hat

  31. Love everything anout this outfit, head to tippy toes!
    I'm stuck on trilbys and fedoras this week , i can't get enough


  32. I love this eyebrow post lol i am so laughing at D. & K. I really want to hit this eyebrow shaping clinic, i heard everyone goes to in L.A. Clever Post! xx

  33. Lovely outfit and skyline! love yout blog. LOVE FROM SPAIN


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