The Sun is beaming!

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Greetings marvelous individuals!

Just making a quick post before I start my weekend. Does anyone have interesting plans they care to share? I'd be thrilled to hear them =)

Yesterday I went out with Mary to visit some stores. I was getting some work done and had a pretty pleasant time while I was doing it. I just want to do something I enjoy... who doesn't right?

There are 2 things that have come to my attention as of lately, and I plan to share them with you.

1) I have so many shoes in my closet, but for some reason I only cling on to my black ones! Look at these little brown mary janes I have on here. SUPER CUTE but I barely ever wear them. Same story for a lot of my shoes so I'm going to work of on that.

2) On a bit of a random note... I've decided that on the bottom of my outfit post I am going to start adding Word of The Day. I am a victim of the following I am about to describe:

"Omg I love that, so cute".. "You look gorgeous"... "Oh wow, so amazing"

Yes my friend I AM a victim as well as many of YOU. There isn't anything wrong with it really, but I'm choosing to expand my daily vocabulary. So for anyone who cares to look, I will be adding words... sort of like a word of the day calender.. only I don't post everyday ha ha But I do pretty often. I just think these think will come in handy, especially to my younger readers.

Wearing vintage Levi's vest, Forever 21 khaki shorts, Target Fedora, Loop Clutch, Predictions Mary Janes

Mixing khaki with denim tickled my fancy n_n
Mary gave me a cute little planner because I'M A MESS! haha hopefully this will help out a bit.
My lunch below

Toodles Lovebirds..

Word of the day
:Extraordinary, Fabulous, Huge.

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