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Recently I have been smitten by ABC Family's new show Pretty Little Liars. Isn't it great?! All the suspense has been killing me! I haven't read the books yet, so I'm not aware of what's going to happen. I did bump into a few spoilers though Grrrrrrr but I'm hoping they're fake ha ha.
The Subject of this post is EYEBROWS. I'm honestly stuck on Lucy Hale's (Azria) eyebrows. I always find myself starring at them. I love the shape and the thickness is perfect... in my opinion of course.
I used to use MAC's browset, which I still really like. I like Mac's browset because it gives that exaggerated thick look (especially if you add a good amount on). I've decided to switch over for a bit to experiment so I purchased Bare Essentials brow kit.

I've read really good reviews for the Bare Essentials kit so I'll have to keep you posted on how it works. For 34 dollars you get a brush, mineral powder, and a gel to make sure the color last long. This gives a more natural look then the MAC browset, but I'll work with the color and see how heavy I want it. After all I do like a tad bit of an exaggerated brow sometimes.

Bare Essentials Brow Kit

I was browsing through Google images and these pictures caught my eye.

I really hope the Bare Essentials kit is to my liking, I'm anxious. Have any of you tried it out? Have any of you tried MAC's browset? Let me know =).

Toodles Xo I'll be back soon

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  1. I haven't tried the kit but I think I will soon. Looks pretty cool!


  2. I can't wait to hear your review. I have really thick lashes naturally, and I recently took a 2 month hiatus from getting them threaded after I went to a new salon and the esthetician made my brows way to thin sooo I let them grow all the way out and I'm looking for yet another new salon. A friend of mine who is a makeup artist for MAC recommended that I just not get them shaped at all and just use concealer and the brow kit. I don't know... I'm kinda lazy. I don't even wear makeup on a daily basis...anyway, the pretty liar girl's brows are perfection!

    Eboni Ife'
    The Fashionista Next Door

  3. I love thick eyebrows! I really want to see this show, I recognise that girl from Privileged and she is so pretty :)


  4. I need to watch this show! I've heard nothing but great things about it!

  5. nope I never tried it...but her eyebrows seems to be perfect!!! wow!!! I heard about this new series but I haven't watched it yet...I am such a loser when it comes to TV shows...hope I can catch up online...

    take care love
    thanks for the post!

  6. I use the clear mascara on my brows and I can't live without it. Tell us how your new brow kit works!

  7. Back when thin brows were in, I hated my dark, thick eyebrows! Now I love them! Threading at my local Indian spot saved me ;o)

  8. what a great post. i havent seen that show- but i love watching tv-shows when i have the time, its so relaxing. thanks for the tip.
    about eyebrows- oh , how i wish i had thicker and fuller eyebrows- not to say darker.. i have to colour mine every day..
    hope youre having a wonderful week darling

  9. ugh i erased my comment ..

    anyway i said something liek that i wish i had such thick eyebrows like the girls on the show.. i use brow liner but still it would be great not to .. mine are super skimpy.

    hey im having a really good dress giveaway on my blog if you havent checked it out ... i think you would like it

  10. I am brow obsessed. I always make sure the brows are perfect when working on clients! My fave brow item is Smashbox's brow tech; the taupe works on almost anyone!
    Cant wait to hear what you think of BEssentials.

  11. I honestly have never tried any brow kit. Also I use it a Prescriptive brow brush with some cheap brown eyeshadow to define my brows. I do regularly trim and pluck my brows. Have you wax them? It hurts so I only get that done before a big event.

  12. haha that brow shape diagram is hilarious.

  13. She really does have pretty eyebrows ; )

  14. Oh i've a thing about eyebrows too!
    I must try out the brow kit, i've just been using a fine brush and powder...let us know how you get on


  15. Oh I really liked that show! Can't wait for new episodes and I can't wait to hear your review of the kit. =)

    Response>> Thank you sweetie.=)

  16. I keep missing this show!! Must DVR! I just thread my brows and they come out pretty sweet - but this kit looks so useful!! Love u <3

  17. For me my brow kit is one of top make up essentials... Eyebrows are the exclamation points of our faces, as I say!

    Love, Lena!


  18. So far so good with the kit.. I'll try to post pictures soon

  19. those eyebrows are great
    and the bare essentials kit looks awesome too


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  21. What a fab post babe! Missed you and your posts, I am glad to back after a long week. xxxx

  22. I think those "K" brows would really work on me.

  23. i'm brow obsessed myself prob b/c i don't have any and prob never will. i waxed for many years and now they are just gone! i need to get better at filling them in since i doubt they will ever be to my liking naturally.

  24. I loke the show, the plot and I really apreciate the styling, make up and everything, it's perfectly picked for the characters


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