Candy Land Show

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I had a very nice time at the Second Annual DBJ Fashion Show "Candy Land". All the proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation of New Jersey.

I have to say I was very impressed at the fact that the young ladies who organized the event are still in High School. Bianca Duran, Deanna DeFlippis and Jessica Weinstein gave back to such a great charity, some little boy or girl might have their wish come true because of them. I truly believe they could have a bright future in fashion event planning/public relations.

Fashion for a good cause is always incredible because it brings more joy to something I already love so much. The show was fun and stuck to the Candy Land theme. There was a lot of fun flirty dresses, headbands, and leggings. Also I saw a lot of 80's inspiration with leg warmers and very fluorescent colors. Some of the girls were holding lollipops down the runway which I thought was a cute touch. Some of the designers who helped make this all possible were gla.MAR.ous, Liz Fields, Disegno di Esposito, A'GACI, Heart &Soul, Clarisse, and K.B. Lush.

I hope you all enjoy the pictures below.

I adore the leggings below!

The lovely ladies who put the event together below

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  1. Love, love, love all the leggings! fabulous!

    ~eboni ife'

  2. They all look so fabulous! Love the dresses and the heels!

    Lots of love,

  3. Nubia you always get to attend the most fun shows! And is it just me or does one of the models look a bit like you??

  4. What a fabulous event babe! This looks amazing and very well put together : ) I saw your outfit in your other post- Luv the head band!
    Have a lovely wknd! xxx

  5. Wow, kudos to the fab young ladies for putting on the show. I can't believe they're in high school! Looks like a fun and creative show. I love the hot pink heels, and what a sweet theme!

    xo, becs

  6. What an amazing show! And how wonderful that the organizers where high school girls! Well done!

  7. Great pictures, I love all the bright colors - especially those pink shoes! Those high schoolers will definitely have a bright future, looked like an amazing show.

  8. Ah, I am so in love with the white dress, the sequin leggings, and, above all else, those Barbie pink pumps! So glad you had a good time, Nubia!! :)

  9. thanks for sharing darling! it looks like a great event. i love shows like this- where it all goes to a good cause.

    missed your blog. the header is so wickeD!
    have a great weekend
    take care
    xx ediot

  10. What a fab event and great cause!


  11. i love the hot pink. such a fun colour for summer

    Isabel @ Walk of Fashion

  12. Holy guacamole -- still in High School and they organized an event like that? That's super duper impressive.

    Looks like so much fun!


  13. Such lovely sparkly things! Sexy and sensual. Wow!

  14. I love so many of these looks! The colours and styling are wonderful!
    And well done to the girls, they certainly do have bright futures ahead!

  15. I absolutley LOVE your blog :)

    I gave you a blog award too!!

  16. @Everyone

    I agree with what many of you said above.. The girls def have a bright future

  17. I love the black and red dress very cute. The leggings and shoes def were really nice.

  18. Your outfit is so cute, you look great!

  19. You and your killer sunnies....they're always fabulous!

  20. omg I JUST bought tickets to see Sting in concert here in Ottawa! hahaha I LOVED the police. ohh sting <3 so of course I love this outfit hehehe


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