Take a Leap

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My bf George and I went for a stroll. We wanted to do something relaxing so we decided to go to parks, take photos, eat sushi, and drink coffee among other activities.

Sometimes planning days is a bit overrated. Sure I might be a huge fan of having a nice movie scheduled, or knowing a week in advanced that I'm going to be sipping a nice glass of wine in a gallery but sometimes I just want no commitment.... I just want to live my day out.

Wearing Studio Line boots, H&M shorts, Forever 21 tank, Vintage vest, Target Fedora

I saw these shoes for sale for 5 bucks and it was the strangest thing. Both the stores in front of this cardboard box were closed and there was no one there. The Military boots look sort of wicked though.

My eye

Star Wars

I love the T-Shirt George has on. It actually belongs to me (well I sort of "stole" it from him a while back) I like to call it friendly borrowing FOREVER.

This temple looks intriguing. I have never seen anyone go in or come out of it.
On a pretty random note I saw this video and thought I would share it with anyone who hasn't seen it yet. Cecilia Cassini is only 10 years old and is making quite the impact in the fashion industry. Picking out her own fabrics and her inspiration is Coco Chanel, take a look.

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