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On Saturday night I attended the 2 year anniversary of DEEN Boutique located in the Art District of Jersey City. I am overjoyed to say that the show was a great success! I'd like the congratulate the boutique owner Shez Zamurdeen for her great accomplishment.

As I walked to the store front, I saw people waiting outside to get in. I thought that was grand that she had a nice crowd. Shez also had 2 models displayed in the front windows changing poses. I thought it was a pretty neat idea. It's almost as if they were live Mannequins. When I walked inside I received a goodies bag with a bracelet, nail polishes, and all sorts of interesting brochures. Also there was tasty champagne and the cutest cupcakes and chocolate dipped cherry's for everyone.

The designers that were featured were Kattina Hilton for K.Tacori Swimwear, Danielle Weitzler for Ravishing Jewelry, Anjelika Krishna for a.d.o and Holly Tienken/Liz Long for Bag The Habit. I enjoyed all of the pieces and I'm sure you'll enjoy them from the photos as well. All the designers were very unique and Inspirational but I really ADORED the swim suits. I spoke to Kattina who designed the Swim Wear and I asked her "What inspired you?" She responded that she use to work in a swimwear company in customer care and heard all the complaints! Go figure. She custom makes a lot of her swimwear for women. She will set up an appointment with you and talk about what you want out of the bathing suit. Kattina said "If you are going to spend 200-300 dollars on a bathing suit get it custom made! Not something that they made in China for 20 bucks." I couldn't agree more and think the her theory of making every individual woman feel great in her swim suit is marvelous.

It was such a splendid night and after the show so many people shopped!

Visit the DEEN boutique webstore here.

Shez in the red above with the lovely designers

My favorite swim wear piece above

OMG above
This looked like a cute outfit above.
These boots captured my attention, not sure why but I like them.
Shop and mingle your butts off.
I was enjoying a velvet cupcake and my drink.


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  1. Wow, that looks like fun! And you look great as always :D So fancy! :P Those shoes remind me of Alexander McQueen.


  2. Looks like such a fun event! I LOVE that swimwear that you said was your favorite... I want it! :P

  3. Great pictures, and post!
    Sorry for the late late reply,
    I apologize :P
    Panda xx

  4. What an amazing event, darling! Love the bathing suits and those fierce shoes!


  5. lovely post i like their outfits espicially blue outfit looks amazing

  6. oh wow im loving those bathing suits ! if i thought there was any chance idd have time to go to the beach this summer i would buy one ;)

    by the way i will most likely not be attending the event sadly i have more than enough hw to last me all week right now :(

    but you should stll show up and take advantage of champagne and discounts

  7. Those bathing suits are totally awesome!! I can't wit until summer so I can wear mine!

  8. looks like an awesome event, I adore the white ruffled suit with the blue nautical sash

  9. I agree with you on those boots! Looks like it was a really fun event =D

  10. I had so much fun it was I expected and more =)

  11. cute boots!

    looks like a ton of fun.

  12. Ah, Nubia you look GORGEOUS! I love the way you paired cowboy boots with that frock - and a mini red velvet cupcake is ALWAYS the best accessory!

    I too am in love with the swimsuits. Especially that white one - the little sash and the ruffles are just adorable! I have never thought about having a swimsuit custom-made; though, I must admit, it sounds quite enticing!! :)

  13. Gorgeous pictures! You look beautiful.

    And yes, we should definitely meet up at the next press screening :)

  14. Oh that looked like such fun! I adore those purple boots; purple is my fave color.

  15. fabulous documentation of what seems like a great night! those bathing suits are so sassy! oooo la la i love the first one! individualized bathing suits sound like a marvelous idea....


  16. Boot love! both your cute cowboy boots and those amazing purple boots!

  17. I know great shoes!! I believe those are the Christian Siriano's for payless special line that was only available online?

  18. I love your outfit, the cute frilly dress and cowboy boots together, very trendy.
    And,it looks like that night was a great event.


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