Queens Fashion Week

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This was the first year they kicked off Queens Fashion Week. The underdogs came out to play. Who says Manhattan is the only borough that can have a fashion week?

Delali Osun, director and founder of QFW invested her own money to create something fresh and new to show off undiscovered talent. Mia Amber has been hosting the event. She's been doing a fantastic job and is very charming. She is a plus size model and has worked for many brands such as Abby Z, Lane Bryant, and Queen Latifah for Curvation.

Besides a few technical sound difficulties, Queens Fashion Week shows great potential. Sure it isn't Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, but if you are looking to support talented designers its definitely worth a visit. I am sure that with time this is the start of a fabulous new fashion week.

I'll be keeping you updated on the next 2 events. Here are some looks from the first night.

Do any of you remember Qristyl Frazier from Project Runway? It was pretty neat seeing her show her line.

While I was at this show I met an aspiring model named Chase that caught my eye. He has done some runway work before and is continuing to pursue his career in modeling. He was very well spoken, charming and funny. You can check out his Model Mayhem account here.

I attended two more shows from QFW. I took these pictures of some designs I thought were pretty cool. It was overall a nice experience. There is however a lot of room for improvement, but this is the first year of the event so you would have to take that into consideration. Big kudos to Delali Osun once again for putting this all together and Mia Amber for being such a delightful host.

One show I attended was dedicated to young designers ages 11-16 I believe. Here is one of the pieces I thought I would definitely rock.
That was designed by Leira Clark shes only 15! Isn't that amazing? I wish I was doing these sort of things when I was 15. She says to be inspired by the 80's for most of her line.

Here are some other fun looks from the last day I attended.
Blank New York available at Ethereal boutique

The 2 designs above from Eminent Fash

To find out more about QFW you can click here.

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  1. Wow. I love some of these pieces. It must be so cool have a more local fashion week! My faves have to be Osum Designs and Stella Gialla

  2. Looks like a great fashion show!! Love that red gown! xoxoxxo

  3. Wow, this is amazing!! Hope u well babe!! I am soo behind on blogging and im missing everyone : ) xxx

  4. great to know that the underdogs have a chance to play too!

  5. Wow! I love the back of that black shirt with the neon accents! So fun ;)

  6. Love your coverage of the fashion week!

  7. Oh cool! Boston also has a fashion week in Sept. I need to check it out this year!

  8. Sounds like a great starting place for up-and-coming designers! Next thing you know, they'll be showing at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week too!

  9. Amazing looks!
    Love that orange gown!


  10. He's hot. ;)) Besides for being a cool model, he's just hot :P

    Thanks for all the info and the photos, btw!


  11. wow .. i feel a bit silly . i had no idea they did this

  12. What a celebration of color! Thanks for sharing about something different during fashion week:)

  13. I LOVE the looks from Stella Gialla. They kind of mix street with high fashion and seem ultra-wearable. Especially adoring the over the knee boots with the patterned tights - gorgeous!! :)

  14. awesome!! looks like a great show ;)

  15. Beautiful looks! I love the diversity of the models!! The orange gown is a stunner :)

  16. Thanks for your comments everyone, Nice to know who some of your favorites are =)


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