Just Live Your Life ..

by - 11:31 PM

A good drink ...
Some good art ...

Cool and comfty apparel ...

Wearing D.I.Y. ripped denim, Vintage blouse from Beacon's Closet, Colombian Wedges

My main goal coming out here was to visit family and to relax. I must say I've reached my goal and I'm actually starting to miss the hectic life in N.Y.C . Honestly it's a lose/lose situation because once I'm back in N.Y.C I'll want to be back on vacation. Jeez I really hope I don't sound confusing haha.

Today it was sunny in the very beggining of the day and then rained the rest of it. I spent my day reading a Marilyn Monroe biography, looking at art, listening to an 80's radio station ( I really love REM and Sting) and talking to a girlfriend that came to visit me.

I've also been putting a lot of thought into what I want to wear and shop for when I get home. At times I feel some what guilty for having such a passion for clothing.. Its sort of odd. I want to experiment with various silhouettes and do something CRAZY.

My father really spoils me out here. He was actually a Tailor for a large part of his life and has a big influence on the way I dress .. But that's another story.

I wish you're all doing great! I have so much positive vibes flowing. My advice to everyone and anyone is to keep negativity away! kick it to the !&$#!* curb.

Peace, Love and Words,

Xo Nubia xO

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