Laughing all the way HA, HA, HA!

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Hello All =)

I hope everyone is doing swell and getting in the holiday spirit, I know I'm trying my best.

Check out this cool hat I found while browsing through old winter Accessories. It's actually one of those Hat/Scarf combos but I tied the scarf part to the back. So I took a few quick outfit pictures to share with you all before I go on with my day.

I love my new wedge booties from Forever 21, they are horrible comfortable. I think I've developed a mini phase for changing shoe laces and playing with colors, I use to do it when I was younger also so it's sort of odd for me now.

Wearing Vintage Hat, Forever 21 white tee, Forever 21 wedge booties(with white laces), Almost Famous Jeans, Charlotte Russe cropped cardigan, thrifted belt, gla.MAR.ous Zipper headband as bracelet.

My household isn't big on Christmas trees but I decorated this mini one, I usually stick to less colors but I was feeling fruity I suppose ha ha.

And lastly I been thinking of these bad boys a lot lately. Available at Pat Fields for a great price, they might have to make there way on my Christmas list.
Whats on your Christmas list? Enjoy your day!

Xo Nubia xO

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