Christmas Inspiration

by - 9:16 PM

I hope every one's been having a Happy Holiday! These are times to be grateful for what we all have and look forward to a New Year

Wearing Forever 21 top and bubble shorts, American Eagle flats

My Brother and I below
My Boyfriend and I below
My adorable little niece
My dog Honey in her SuperDog T shirt
My dog Bambi in her Ruffled red X mas dress

My boyfriend and I

Below are some cool pictures my brother sent me a long time ago. My brothers the best! He's always hooking me up with interesting stuff and emailing me fashion related photos. So I wanted to give him a public and share some of these pictures with you.

There are bits and pieces of each of these outfits which give me such amazing ideas I cant wait to put into action. I cant wait till Spring 2010! I'm itching for it!

I believe photos via

Wishing all of you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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